Visiting Disneyland with a Special Needs Loved One


If you are visiting the parks with a loved one who has special needs,’s Guest Services page is a great resource to review before your trip. It provides in-depth information pertaining to specific needs (mobility-limitations, cognitive challenges, etc.), that will help prepare your family so that all members have a magical time!

Above is an example of the information you will find. This a small corner of a well-organized, easy-to-read chart that lists EVERY SINGLE attraction in both parks, along with a short description of each and a checklist detailing specific attributes that could create challenges, like darkness, loud noises, flashing lights, surprise elements, water/splashing, bumpy tracks, ride speed, and so on.

Disney’s Guest Services locations (City Hall in Disneyland & the Chamber of Commerce in California Adventure) are also equipped with this and more information for your convenience. Always remember that Cast Members can be your greatest allies in having a fabulous experience…so, never be afraid to ask questions!