Strollers are a very necessary part of a Disneyland trip with kids! We think most parents would agree with us. 🙂 We often are asked what type of stroller is best for the parks. We say as long as your stroller maneuvers easily and is comfy for your little one, then it’s great for Disneyland! If your kids will nap in a stroller, that’s an even better reason to have a nice, big comfy one! The other beneficial thing when it comes to strollers at the parks is a nice storage basket. Keep in mind, strollers larger than 36″ x 52″ are not permitted into the parks. Read on for information about our favorite strollers and more!

We each have a BOB Gear US Revolution SE and one of us has the double BOB. We love BOB strollers for Disneyland because they maneuver easily, have plenty of storage for all of our necessities and are really comfortable (with a nice recline) for our kids naps. The double BOB is obviously wider & heavier, but really nice to have with two kids in case little legs are tired of walking. We’re total BOB stroller believers, but we know many people who have used other types of strollers with great success. It really all depends upon your preferences, your height, the ages of your kids, etc.

An umbrella stroller is nice for shorter days at the park. It is definitely the lightest & most convenient for folding up on the tram, train, or monorail. Disneyland actually sells “Kolcraft” umbrella strollers (pictured below)! They are available for $54.95 at the souvenir stand on the left side as you enter the park gates before you go through the tunnel under the Disneyland Railroad. These umbrella strollers are also sold at all 3 Disney Hotels.


Single strollers are available to rent at the parks for $15/day for 1 stroller or $25/day for 2. A complimentary tire pump is available in a box next to the stroller rental location outside the Disneyland Main Gate.


The Stroller Shop outside the Disneyland Main Gate

City Stroller Rentals

Traveling to the Disneyland with littles can be a challenge. Well let’s face it, traveling ANYWHERE with kids is a challenge! Ha! Dragging strollers through TSA, watching helplessly from be plane window as your $500+ investment is chucked unceremoniously underneath the plane with the rest of the luggage. Why even deal with the hassle?

If you can manage to get to your hotel WITHOUT a stroller from home, you can, of course, rent one at the parks ($15 per stroller/day or $25 for two per day) OR, for more specific stroller preferences/styles (i.e. double strollers, strollers that recline, or travel systems, which Disney doesn’t currently offer), we highly recommend “CITY STROLLER RENTALS” in Anaheim.

This place is genius & wonderful (read their Yelp reviews!). They have everything from strollers of various sizes – even for special needs children – to bassinets, high chairs, Keurig Coffee Brewers, water bottle cases, Honest diapers/wipes, & more! Everything you could need to make your hotel stay much more homey & practical when traveling with kiddos.

City Stroller is also the only stroller rental company in Anaheim that fully inspects, cleans, & sanitizes each item for “bacteria, viruses, mold/mildew & Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), Hepatitis B and C, Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 & Type 2, HIV-1, Human Coronavirus, Avian Influenza & more. [They] also heat all gear to 160 degrees to kill bedbugs & lice.”

Now if you’re thinking this process sounds the least bit stressful – stop yourself right there!  City Stroller Rentals will DELIVER your stroller straight to your hotel. Just designate your chosen hotel when ordering and when you show up for vacation, your rental order will be waiting! Conversely, when you leave the parks, just return your stroller to the bell/luggage service station in your hotel & City Stroller will pick it up. How easy is that

Click here for more information on City Stroller Rentals!


Strollers and Attractions

All attractions require strollers to be parked in a designated location before entering the line. There is usually a Cast Member nearby monitoring. Some guests (including us) bring STROLLER or BIKE LOCKS to feel more comfortable (locking the stroller wheels together, not to Disney property). We’ve never had an issue occur leaving our strollers, but unfortunately, things can happen & strollers do get stolen.

Remember, ALWAYS bring your valuables with you onto rides. We always have a backpack with us that we take with us whenever we leave our stroller & another bag filled with non-valuables that we leave with our stroller.

A great way to quickly locate your stroller in the parking areas is to tie something brightly colored to the handle. Sometimes Cast Members move strollers to make room for more, but usually not too far from where they were initially parked. If you can’t find yours, just ask a CM nearby where strollers were moved.


Need a way to record contact info on your stroller? You can pick up a FREE contact information tag (pictured below) at either Baby Care Center! There is one Baby Care Center in each park – Disneyland’s is at the north end of Main Street, between First Aid & Photo Supply Co. & California Adventure’s is next to Ghirardelli Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop.