Disneyland can tire us ALL out, so after some of the fun is had & nap time rolls around for our kids, we’ve had good success in getting them down to sleep pretty easily (on most occasions) in our strollers or wraps/carriers!

If your kids like the movement of a stroller to fall asleep, that’s perfect because Disneyland requires a lot of walking! If you are staying at a hotel, that’s a good option to go back to in case napping at the park isn’t happening. And if a more quiet, secluded place is best for your sleepy babes, our #mkmnursingspot posts on Instagram are all great locations for nap time.


We also love the “white noise” machines at the parks, AKA waterfalls!

Waterfall locations in California Adventure:

  • Grizzly River Run viewing deck (pictured).
  • Just past Carthay Circle there is a giant waterfall on the right side of the walkway, just below the famous Grizzly Bear rock.
  • The fountain in the center of Buena Vista Street.

Waterfalls in Disneyland:

  • Behind Dumbo (near the line queue) there is a nice, peaceful waterfall that we love!
  • On the east side of Sleeping Beauty Castle is Snow White’s Grotto & Wishing Well. It is a shaded area & every few minutes, Snow White (a marble statuette at the top of the waterfall) sings “I’m Wishing” with a mini water show to accompany her! Sometimes princesses stop at that location for photos, but if you catch it while it’s empty, it’s just the best.
  • The waterfall on the outside of the Matterhorn (& cold mountain sounds!) are very soothing – we love to sit by the face painting station between the Matterhorn & Pixie Hollow
  • Behind Donald’s Boat there is a big waterfalls and a bench area for parents to sit if babe/kiddos are napping.

***If your kids fall asleep better in a dark, air conditioned room (with music!), the Animation Academy building in California Adventure is a great spot if your babes like sleeping in a wrap/carrier (strollers are not permitted inside).