Multi-Day Ticket Suggestions


If you’re planning a trip to the parks, and wonder how many days would be best to get everything in, we have some insight! Read our suggestions below!

  • If you have a one-day, one-park ticket, we always recommend visiting Disneyland! We LOVE California Adventure, but Disneyland has more to do and also has more attractions for baby-preschool age. Disneyland is also where it all started, so we feel like visiting the original park will give you the best experience! That said, something to consider would be what each park has to offer. Disneyland has more of the classics (Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Dumbo, Princesses, etc) and California Adventure offers Cars Land, Monsters, Inc., A Bug’s Land, Disney Junior, Frozen, Marvel, etc.
  • If you do one day at one park, we recommend making a list of top 5 rides, entertainment, characters, etc that you want to do/see and try to get those in without stressing about getting it all in. You can check out our top 5 entertainment picks for Disneyland here, our top 5 picks for California Adventure here, our top 5 attraction picks for Disneyland here & our top 5 attraction picks for California Adventure here.
  • We think that both parks can be done over 2 days, but to feel less rushed/stressed about getting it all in, we think THREE days is best – 2 days at Disneyland & 1 day at California Adventure. California Adventure can be done in one day for those who have kids similar ages to our kids, 1-5 years old. We still think DCA can be done in one day if you have older kids who like thrilling attractions, it’s just the wait times are often longer for the more popular rides, so it depends on how much of your day you want to spend waiting in lines (that’s where Fast Pass comes in)!
  • If you’re going during busy season (see busy season info here), we recommend spreading your days out if you can. When ride wait times are too long, we try to catch shows instead of waiting in lines!
  • If you’re doing single or multi-days, you can purchase a single or multi-day park hopper ticket & bounce between parks.
  • The more days you purchase, the better the value.
  • Multi-day tickets also allow for hotel naps, which we highly recommend if you have a hotel close by!
  • If you’re planning multiple days, we highly recommend bringing a stroller! Most people have them for their babies/toddlers, but we recommend for your older kids, too (around ages 5-6)! By mid-trip or the last day, their legs might benefit from a stroller rest! You can rent strollers at the parks for $15 a day  (they don’t recline, but they’re pretty comfy) or choose from a variety of strollers to rent at City Stroller Rentals (they’ll deliver & pick up from your hotel!)