“Lost Parents Inquire Here for Children”

lost parents.jpg

Becoming separated from a child is every parent’s worst nightmare. Never fear, though. In addition to the usual “what to do if you get lost” safety speech you give your kids, remind them to find the nearest Disneyland Cast Member who will take them to either City Hall or the Baby/Child Care Center They will be well cared for by Cast Members until your reunion. The Baby Care Center in Disneyland is at the north end of Main Street across from Little Red Wagon Corn Dog Cart and the Baby Care Center in California Adventure is located next to Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop.

As an extra safety precaution for your young ones, check out Madeline’s Box Emergency Contact Temporary Tattoo Wrist Watches! They are custom printed with your chosen phone number & come in a variety of fun prints & colors that your kids will love. A genius idea to provide some extra peace of mind (pictured below)!


A couple of other ways to record contact information onto your child is to write your phone number on your child’s arm and cover it with liquid bandage or slip a piece of paper with contact into your child’s shoe. The Baby Care Centers also offer complimentary emergency contact stickers (pictured below) for the back of your child’s shirt.