Healthy Eating at Disneyland


Pretty much every time we go to the parks, we bring our own snacks. We try to limit the amount we spend on meals by sharing or purchasing items that are reasonably healthy, but don’t hurt the wallets. Some may think it’s not possible to make healthy choices at Disneyland, but guess what? IT IS! We’ve listed some of our favorite healthy restaurants & meal options below.

1 . Bengal BBQ in Adventureland for their delicious meat & veggie skewers. They often offer a seasonal skewer, but their menu always consists off a safari skewer (bacon wrapped asparagus), chieftain chicken skewer (in Polynesian sauce), & the outback vegetable skewer (all skewers $3.99-$4.49).

2. Fruit & veggies from various stands around both parks. It is cheaper to bring your own fruits & veggies, but in a pinch, these spots have a lot of great options like watermelon slices, apples, grapes, strawberries, mango, pineapple, veggies & ranch dip, & pretzels with hummus.

3. Chili-lime corn-on-the-cob ($4.79) available at a few food stands around both parks (look for the stands selling turkey legs)!

4. Mediterranean Skewers from Paradise Garden Grill in California Adventure. These are $11.99-$12.99, but come with rice pilaf, cucumber salad & pita bread.

Favorite salads:

1. Star field of Greens Salad from Red Rockett’s Pizza Port for $8.49

3. Strawberry & Goat Cheese Spinach Salad from Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe for $9.99


1. Both of the Starbucks in Downtown Disney have the reduced-fat turkey bacon & egg white sandwich, which we love, but it’s not available in the parks. If we do get a breakfast sandwich in the parks, it’s usually the sausage, cheddar & egg sandwich or the spinach feta egg-white wrap with a yogurt parfait from Starbucks in the Market House on Main Street.


“Mickey Check Meals” are available during lunch or dinner at most restaurants for $5-$7. These meals meet Disney’s nutritional guidelines w/ limited calories, saturated fat & sodium.