Healthy Eating at California Adventure


California Adventure is home to our favorite spot to grab a healthy lunch or dinner. Pictured above is a smorgasbord of delicious & nutritious eats from Paradise Garden Grill! This restaurant offers mediterranean skewers, greek salad & gyro plate. ALL so good!

We also love the edamame cup from Lucky Fortune Cookery on Pacific Wharf – only $3.39 for a good size cup! Lucky Fortune Cookery also offers Asian Rice Bowls with Chicken, Beef or Tofu ($11.99-$12.99). YUM!

Favorite Salads:

1. Italian Chef Salad from Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta $9.99

2. Greek Salad from Paradise Garden Grill $8.99


1. We like to go to Starbucks in Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe on Buena Vista Street and grab a breakfast sandwich or yogurt parfait.

2. There are a ton of fresh fruit options at the fruit & veggie stands located in both parks.

For the kids: 

“Mickey Check Meals” are available during lunch or dinner at most restaurants for $5-$7. These meals meet Disney’s nutritional guidelines w/ limited calories, saturated fat & sodium.