Entertaining Kids While Waiting


Waiting 5, 10, 15 or ANY amount of minutes with little ones can be a challenge. Disneyland involves lots of waiting…lines, parades, entertainment, etc! We always have a few items with us to keep our kids happy & entertained while we WAIT for the fun! A few of these essentials include plenty of snacks, lollipops, water/juice, bubbles, stickers, favorite toys (we always have a couple cars with us), glow sticks (dollar store), and crayons & coloring books (the Emporium on Main Street in Disneyland & Los Feliz Five & Dime on Buena Vista Street in DCA sell coloring pages & markers if you are in need!)! Bring whatever makes your life easier & your little ones happy while you wait! These essentials are also great for waiting in lines.

We are big fans of the bubble wands sold all around both parks, in Downtown Disney & at all 3 Disney Hotels. The cost around $20 with tax and it’s totally worth it! There are 4 options available – Ariel, Flounder, Mickey (pictured) & a Tie Fighter. Bubble refills are available for under $2 at the parks. You can also bring your own bubbles to save a few dollars (pictured on left – we sometimes have these on hand)!


Cars, stickers and bubbles!

A couple of other suggestions we have for waiting for parades (especially if you have kids) are find a spot to sit near a restroom & also somewhere near a snack cart/quick service restaurant if necessary! We’ve listed the restroom locations & food spots along the parade route below.


  • Next to the Fantasyland Theatre, on the west side of Small World
  • On the south end of the Alice in Wonderland ride, across from the Matterhorn (you can grab your parade spot right in front of the bathroom entrance)
  • On Main Street between The Disneyland Emporium & Carnation Cafe (tucked back in a corner)
  • By the Plaza Inn on Main Street, near the Tomorrowland entrance
  • Next to City Hall on Main Street
  • Restroom tucked back in a corner next to the “Disneyana” store on the east side of Main Street (Disneyana is located next to the Main Street Opera House & Disneyland Gallery)

It’s nice to be close to food, just in case you run out of snacks or are in need of a churro!! When you save a spot for the parade, someone has to stay at your spot at all times, so if you’re by yourself with your kids, then get your snacks ahead of time! If you have extra help, then getting up to get treats during your wait is a little easier.


  • The Candy Palace on Main Street
  • Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe at the north end of Main Street (soups, sandwiches, salads, & yummy treats)!
  • The Little Red Wagon on Main Street (CORNDOGS!)
  • Refreshment Corner at the north end of Main Street (hot dogs, pretzels, chili)
  • Fruit and Veggie Cart on Main Street next to The Market House (AKA Starbucks)
  • Starbucks in the Market House on Main Street
  • Cotton Candy on Main Street
  • Popcorn Cart across from City Hall
  • Churro Cart on the east side of the castle
  • Dole whip isn’t ON the parade route, but it’s close enough! Located at the entrance to Adventureland
  • Edelweiss Snacks across from the Matterhorn (turkey legs, chimichangas, corn-on-the-cob, frozen apple juice, other frozen beverages)
  • Churro Cart and Popcorn Cart across from the Matterhorn (on the east side of Fantasyland)
  • Frozen beverages stand next to Storybook Land Canal Boats & Small World
  • Mickey Pretzels near It’s a Small World
  • Troubadour Tavern next to the Fantasyland Theater (baked potatoes!)