Disneyland or California Adventure with Multiple Kiddos


Disneyland with multiple kiddos can be an intimidating thing (requiring lots of cotton candy…ha!), but we promise you all can do it! Our hope is that sharing this information helps anyone stressing about how to get through a day (or multiple days) at the parks with more than 1 little!

Disneyland is such a wonderful & magical place, but it also has a way of raising expectations to such magical heights that parents can easily end up disappointed by crowds, meltdowns, astronomical amount of money spent, long lines, diaper blowouts, exhausted kids, and so on and so forth. Between the two of us, we have 4 kids under 5 & trust us, it is not always as magical as it may look!

  • Pace yourself. Choose a few “must do/must see” things before your visit, and try not to put too much weight on your own shoulders to make the day perfect! Even if it means abandoning the next activity on your list because your kids would rather watch the ducks! You can read about our suggestions for a day at Disneyland with a baby, toddler or pre-school age little one here & at California Adventure here. If you need tips for waiting in lines with toddlers, check out our information here. Arriving early (before the parks open) is best! The mornings are the slowest & most relaxing time, even on the busiest days. You can get quite a few rides done with minimal wait times within the first couple hours of the park opening if you arrive early!
  • The Baby Care Centers can be a lifesaver! Each Baby Care Center offers a private nursing area with comfortable chairs to feed your baby or pump, clean changing tables & a nice, quiet & for the most part, stress-free environment. For more info on what the Baby Care Centers offer, click here. Your older kiddos can watch cartoons or read books provided by the centers while you feed your little one OR they can come into the nursing area with you. We’ve also found nearly 70 spots throughout both parks to nurse or feed your babes! You can check out our nursing spot info here.
  • Try to eat meals at off-peak hours! Restaurants that serve only lunch & dinner open at 11 AM, so try to arrive at opening before the crowds come & lines to order get long! This will help make meal time more relaxing!
  • Lastly, search for the “this is all worth it” moments during your trip and enjoy the sugar out of them!!! Because whether your kids are sweet babies, wild toddlers, inquisitive elementary schoolers, angsty teens, or grown ups themselves, the instances when you abandoned your agenda will likely become the substance of your happiest, lifelong Disney memories! 🙂