Disney PhotoPass



Disney PhotoPass is something we never thought we would use so much! The Annual Pass that we have includes PhotoPass and we are SO glad! PhotoPass Photographers are scattered throughout both parks (check the Disneyland App for all locations). Often times when we can’t take our camera out quick enough to snap photos of our kids with a character OR we would rather enjoy watching the interaction rather than taking photos, a Photo Pass photographer captures the moments perfectly! If you don’t have Photo Pass included with your Annual Pass, check out some options for purchase below!

How It Works

A photographer will give you a PhotoPass card to be scanned after each set of photos with characters, etc, is taken. Just an FYI – Photographers WILL take photos with your cell phone if you would like!

If you want to view and purchase photos from your visit, head into Main Street Photo Supply Co. in Disneyland or Kingswell Camera Shop on Buena Vista Street in CA Adventure. You can also view your photos on the Disneyland app or website by scanning or entering your photo pass card number. You can purchase all of these options below using the Disneyland App, Disneyland website or at Photo Supply Co. on Main Street in Disneyland or Kingswell Camera Shop on Buena Vista Street in DCA.

  • DISNEY PHOTOPASS+ ONE DAY is $39 (includes character photos, attraction photos, dining photos and magic shots (read on to learn more about what a Magic Shot is). If you’re going to the parks for 3+ days, the $39 is only for ONE day of the photo benefits which means you have to re-purchase everyday if you want to use it more than once (we know, kind of a bummer). You have 45 days to download your images from your account. You do not have to pre-purchase Photo Supply+ One Day. If you aren’t too sure about it, you can look through all your photos, then decide what ones from what day are worth purchasing.
  • DISNEY PHOTOPASS+ ONE WEEK  can be purchased online for $69 before, during or after your trip to the parks. Disney photo pass photographers are always willing to take photos with your phone/camera, too! It includes unlimited digital downloads of all of your PhotoPass photos linked to your Disney account over a seven day period (must be consecutive days) from select attractions (be sure to take a photo of the code on the photo preview once you exit the ride), dining photos, Magic Shots and Animated Magic Shots. Animated magic shots are your photos with animated Disney characters added to them.
  • DISNEY PHOTOPASS COLLECTION is $99 and includes digital downloads of all of your photos (they can be viewed & downloaded up to 45 days post Disneyland visit, then they expire, so view & download right away)! You also get a voucher for a dining print package, and a Disneyland Gallery Disc! These products can only be purchased at Main Street Photo Supply Co. or Kingswell Camera Shop on Buena Vista Street in California Adventure.
  • The last option is the DISNEY PHOTOPASS COLLECTION+ DISC for $119 which includes everything noted above PLUS a disc of all of your photos!

What is a Magic Shot?

Magic Shots are when characters are added to your photopass photos with special magic called technology (ha!)! Generally, Magic Shots are only done during the day. See the list of character options below.

  • Tinker Bell in hand (see photo below)
  • Mickey Balloons in hand
  • Stitch
  • Stitch eating ice cream
  • Chimney Sweep
  • Chip (from Beauty & the Beast)
  • Olaf
  • Pascal (chameleon from Tangled)
  • Flo from Cars (in Cars Land)
  • Mater in a Dinoco Helicopter (in Cars Land)
  • Lizzie from Cars (in Cars Land)

Halloween Time Magic Shots 

  • Zero
  • Poison Apple & Cauldron
  • Hitchhiking Ghosts


Other Tips

  • Download the Disneyland App for all PhotoPass Photographer locations.
  • Take a screenshot of the PhotoPass barcode that the photographer scans while you’re logged into your Disney account on the App & make it your phone background so you don’t have to log in every time & use cellular data.
  • You can also choose to have the PhotoPass card scanned each time you have photos taken, then enter the special code on your card at a later time to view your images.