Charging a Device at the Parks

Disney days are full of snapping photos of the kiddos and checking info/wait times on the Disneyland App, which drains batteries on phones, cameras, etc! Well, charging lockers to the rescue! For $2 per hour, you can leave your iPhone, Blackberry, Android device, camera, or laptop in one of these awesome lockers while it charges! Keep in mind, the cord IS NOT included! Look for the green logo shown above at the locker rental kiosk.

Keep in mind, these lockers – found on both Main Street & Buena Vista Street – can “sell out” fairly quickly as the day wears on. So, if we are planning a long Disney day, we bring our own phone cable & find an open outlet (look for them in eateries or near restrooms…there is also an outlet about every 4 feet inside the Opera House on Main Street – ice cold A/C included!). You’ll have to stay by your device while it charges, of course – but, this FREE option provides a nice break if you coordinate it with meal or nap times. Both great solutions for a dying battery. We bring our own portable chargers purchased from Amazon.

You can also purchase a “Fuel Rod” portable charger for $30 at various kiosks set up around both parks! The best part is, when your fuel rod runs out of charge, just return it to any fuel rod kiosk for a new, fully charged fuel rod (no extra charge)! The Disneyland App notes all fuel rod locations around both parks.