Baby Care Centers


The Baby Care Centers are LIFE SAVERS! There is one in each park. Disneyland’s is on the northeast side of Main Street, near the Little Red Wagon corn dog cart. California Adventure’s is located next to Ghirardelli’s Soda Fountain & Ice Cream Shop (near the Pacific Wharf).


Both Baby Care Centers are stocked full of any baby items you may need including diapers up to a size 6, swim diapers, pacifiers, bottles, formula, Gerber baby food products, emergency contact stickers, stroller tags to fill in contact info & more (cash only)! They also provide private nursing areas, clean, changing tables, family restrooms, & preschool-sized potties for your little ones! If you are a mama heading to the parks along with a baby & toddler or older kiddo, the both centers offer books for kiddos to read or a TV with classic cartoons to keep them occupied while you nurse. We are so happy this resource exists for mamas! It is definitely worth a stop on your next trip!