Staying Until Closing


Staying until closing isn’t usually our thing, just because KIDS, but when we do get the opportunity, we take FULL advantage and stay until we’re almost the last guests in the park! Ha! WORTH IT. Staying late can have its advantages just like arriving early does! If you’re up for a little late night adventure at the parks, read on for some tips!

The benefits of staying until closing


Late night ice cream from Gibson Girl is always a good idea!

  • Main Street in Disneyland and Buena Vista Street in California Adventure stay open ONE hour after the park’s official closing time for guests to wander the shops or, grab some treats or relax for a bit! The streets are pretty empty during that time, so it’s really fun to experience, especially with everything lit up!
  • If you are in line for an attraction AT official closing time, you can stay in line until you ride the attraction – you do not have to exit the line.
  • Just like early morning arrival, late evenings make for really nice, low crowds and short wait times. Try to get in line for a popular attraction that usually has a long wait during the busy hours of the day!
  • Throughout the year, the park closes at various times – Disneyland typically closes at 9:00 PM or 10:00 PM during slow season and 11:00 PM or midnight during busy season and California Adventure at either 8:00 or 9:00 PM during slow season and 10:00 PM during busy season. If you’re up for staying at Disneyland until 11 or midnight, that’s when things are EXTRA empty because many people have already left. If your littles will sleep soundly in the stroller, that makes staying late even more worth it!
  • If there is a 10:45 PM parade at Disneyland when you’re visiting (there currently is a Main Street Electrical Parade at that time), there are usually less people waiting to see that parade vs. the 8:45 PM. So again, if you don’t mind staying late, the 10:45 PM show is a good option.


  • We watched fireworks from Big Thunder Mountain when we snapped this photo (the ride stays open during fireworks – totally amazing to watch WHILE you ride if you can time it right!), but click here for very specific information on various spots to view from! The park can get very crowded around the fireworks/parade time, and maneuvering through the streets of the park can be really hectic and frustrating, so either try to get your fireworks spot at the castle early and don’t move OR go to one of the alternative locations noted in the link above.


Can you spot Elliot? He’s in the bottom right corner of the photo! This was taken from the Astro Orbiters line queue!

  • We’ve mentioned this before, but a couple of rides we like to watch parades or fireworks from include the Teacups in Fantasyland (especially great for the parade) and Astro Orbiters in Tomorrowland. Astro Orbiters is especially amazing for fireworks because you’re high up, so you’re basically in the sky with all the firework action. Lines are usually shorter during evening entertainment, so you can ride then get right back in line to ride again with a super short wait! Another great ride for fireworks (IF you can time it right) is Storybook Land Canal Boats. If you happen to be ON the boat when fireworks start, they’ll stop along the canal for guests to watch! So magical!

Hope this helps make your late evening adventure at the parks a little more magical! It really is so fun to experience at least once!


Main Street a little after midnight.


The Mark Twain at night! So beautiful!