Paint the Night Parade Returning and Pixar Fest Starts on April 13, 2018!


This is just the week of big news at the parks! Yesterday we shared about the new hotel coming to Disneyland Resort in 2021, but we have more exciting news to share! The very popular and amazing Paint the Night parade is finally returning on April 13, 2018 AND the brand new Pixar celebration called, “Pixar Fest” will also begin on April 13, 2018!

The nice thing about Paint the Night returning to Californian Adventure this time is that California Adventure has one of the longest parade routes out of any Disney park! This will hopefully mean it won’t be so difficult to find a viewing location! For more information on viewing locations for parades in either park, click here.


Photo: Disney Parks Blog

Here is what you can expect with Pixar Fest:

•New Fireworks Spectacular at Disneyland called “Forever Friends” featuring a new character that flies over the castle like Tinker Bell currently does during “Remember Dreams Come True!” Any guesses on who the character is!? It’s BUZZ LIGHTYEAR!

•The Pixar Play Parade will make its way to Disneyland for the first time after being at California Adventure for a few years! The parade will have the same classic Pixar characters from the original show, but also feature new characters from “UP” and “Inside Out.”

•Pixar Shorts Film Festival at the Sunset Showcase Theater in Hollywood Land at California Adventure! The festival will have popular Pixar shorts like “Lava” and “For the Birds” playing throughout the day.

•A musical Pixar celebration at Paradise Gardens in California Adventure will offer meet and greets with Pixar characters and arts & crafts for the little!

•New Pixar merchandise! New treasures are always fun to look forward to!

How amazing does all of this sound? There is still no word on an opening date for “Pixar Pier,” but we will update as soon as we hear details! If you missed the post we shared back in July about Paradise Pier transforming into Pixar Pier come 2018, click here.

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