Fantasmic! Dining Package Viewing Areas

Happy Tuesday! We had one of the best nights last night celebrating Disneyland’s 62nd Anniversary and Fantasmic’s 25th Anniversary!

Some of you may have watched Fantasmic! on our Instagram story last night, but if you missed it, be sure to check it out because it will expire after tonight. We are just so happy this show is back – it really is one of our all-time favorites – every family should try to see it!

We watched the show with a dining package at the Hungry Bear Restaurant and wanted to share a little bit more about dining package viewing areas. We didn’t want to share too much when we first posted about dining packages because we weren’t sure if anything would change since the last time Fantasmic! was at the park! You can read about the dining package options and the food here. Photos of our food below!


We heard mixed reviews about the Hungry Bear on-the-go meal from people around us, but we are being totally honest when we say we really loved the salmon, salad and rice pilaf! All meals come with the salad and rice, but check out the menu below for more details.

Also, since some of our kids are under the age of 3, we just ordered off the regular Hungry Bear Restaurant kids menu (saved us nearly $15.00!). If you have a kiddo who is 3 and over, and you don’t see anything on the kids’ dinner menu that you think they’d like, just ask the Cast Member taking orders if you can order off the regular kids’ menu, we’re sure they’d allow it!




The viewing area for the Hungry Bear Restaurant on-the-go meal is definitely more off to the side, BUT if you arrive early (we got there 2 hours before show time…crazy, but people were already lining up!), like we did, you can get a spot closest to where the River Belle Terrace and Blue Bayou dining area starts (you can see things a little better if you’re closer to the rope that starts the new viewing area). Guests with reservations can sit (no longer standing only) in the preferred viewing areas for the Hungry Bear Restaurant, River Belle Terrace and Blue Bayou. Strollers must be parked beforehand or folded in the viewing area.

All dining package vouchers that you’ll receive once you pay for your meal will note an area to return to, a return time and a show time. Dining reservations for earlier in the evening will be scheduled to see the 9:00 PM show, but later reservations will be scheduled at either the 10:30 or the 11:30 show. Unfortunately, you can’t see a show that isn’t noted on your voucher. If you have young kiddos, we recommend trying to make your reservation between 4:00-5:00ish to get the 9:00 PM show (reservations at all restaurants start at 4:00 PM).

For all dining package viewing areas and the Fast Pass section, we think arriving at least an hour in advance is best so you can get a spot toward the front, or along the fence that lines the waters of the Rivers of America. For standby, we recommend scoping out the areas about 2 hours in advance since the show is very popular at the moment – if people are already reserving spots, then we suggest getting yours!

If you plan to watch the show with a Fast Pass, we suggest heading to the Fast Pass distribution machines next to the docked Mark Twain in Frontierland when the park opens, before they run out AND to get a better spot in the Fast Pass viewing sections.

One more thing! After the 9:00 PM Fantasmic, fireworks will start at 9:30. If you’d like to watch fireworks, stay put in your spot – there won’t be enough time to make it to Main Street to watch. The nice thing about watching fireworks along the river is they project the images that go on the castle onto water screens – it’s awesome! The music is piped through the speakers along the river and you will have a great view of the fireworks. 



All in all, we had a good experience, but we will be sitting in the River Belle Terrace section in a couple weeks to see the show a little more front and center!

Once again, if you’d like to see more details about each dining package, click HERE.

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    1. Hi! We do! We will be adding a Fantasmic tab to our website today (so you can just search Fantasmic and it’ll pop up as a page instead of a blog post), so maybe check back later and it’ll be at the very bottom of the page! ☺️

    1. Hi! So we haven’t done the upgraded seating yet, but the outside seating area for River Belle Terrace is a little elevated, so we THINK there won’t be any obstructed views from people using the walkway in front of the tables. The nice thing about upgrading is you won’t have to scramble to the reserved viewing area to try to get a spot toward the front – it’d be nice to just stay in your seat to enjoy your meal and the show! If you don’t upgrade, we recommend trying to get to the line for the seating area at least an hour before show time so you can get a good spot. The nice thing about the reserved viewing if you don’t upgrade is it’s pretty much front and center along the Rivers of America, so it’s a great spot!

  1. We did the Hungry Bear package last night, and the good news is it’s no longer standing only! We found out beforehand that they changed it, and requires guests to be seated. They also required strollers to be folded, or placed at the back of the area. There was plenty of space.

    The queue was supposed to open at 7:30 for 9:00 show, so get there by then if you want the first row.

    They also let us order off the regular Hungry Bear kids menu for our ticketed kids (at the $19.99 Fantasmic price). We got one Fantasmic kids meal and it was TINY. Like three bites of BBQ chicken. So I’m glad we got regular meals for the other kids.

  2. I purchased tickets for the Hungry Bear for 6:15 for the first show.
    I don’t understand the point of reserving though when you still have to line up 1-2 hours ahead. Wouldnt regular fast options be the same scenario?
    With respect to seating, if everyone is sitting as opposed to standing, wouldn’t the bars be in the way at the front?
    It looks like there are some sloped areas near the back on the grass. Would this offer a better view as seating is more tiered?

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