Halloween at Disneyland 2017

We’ve been getting lots of questions about when Halloween at Disneyland will start and we’re so excited to finally have dates – SEPTEMBER 15 – OCTOBER 31, 2017! Woo-hoo! Halloween decorations will be up by September 15 (you might see a few things go up a couple days before) and Mickey’s Halloween Party will happen on select nights from September 20-October 31, 2017.

Read on for details further down in this post about Mickey’s Halloween Party, NEW Halloween fun coming to California Adventure this year and some photos of last year’s decorations!


Such a fun way to be greeted at the main gates! Mickey and friends made out of pumpkins!


The famous Mickey pumpkin on Main Street USA! This is one of the top spots to take photos during Halloween at Disneyland. You’ll find a PhotoPass photographer in front of this location pretty much all day long!IMG_3887

Another top spot to snap photos during Halloween time – in front of the “Partners” statue in the hub, in front of the castle. 




Main Street buildings get a little Halloween flare with pumpkins galore!IMG_4480IMG_4758IMG_5493

Halloween balloons! We aren’t sure if they’ll have a new design this year, but we’ll find out soon!


Zocalo Park is located next to Rancho del Zocalo Mexican Restaurant and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. This is where you can get FREE Dia de los Muertos face or arm paint!


Another top photo spot at Zocalo Park!


Dia de los Muertos decor at Rancho del Zocalo Mexican Restaurant – love it!



One of the best things about Halloween at Disneyland are Mickey and his friend’s costumes! You’ll find Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald, Goofy, and Chip ‘n Dale dressed up in their festive Halloween attire!


Skeleton Goofy!



Jack Skellington and Sally are available for meet and greets at Royal Street 21 in New Orleans Square starting when Halloween starts all the way through Christmas at the park, but they also make an appearance in the new Frightfully Fun Parade during Mickey’s Halloween Party (all details about the party below)!

Special Attraction Halloween Overlays in Disneyland


The Haunted Mansion gets a special Nightmare Before Christmas overlay starting September 15, 2017 all the way through until early January 2018 when Christmas at Disneyland ends! This version is a little less spooky for our kiddos!


The famous Gingerbread house in the Haunted Mansion ball room! This room smells like gingerbread!


Since this version of the attraction is only at the park during the end of the year, it is very popular, so we recommend grabbing a Fast Pass to ride if you can!


Space Mountain is transformed into “Ghost Galaxy” during Halloween time – this year, the attraction will be open with this spooky overlay from September 15-October 31, 2017. This version is definitely spookier than the original attraction, so keep that in mind if you’re taking your kiddos on! We also recommend grabbing a Fast Pass for this attraction if you want to ride without waiting in the long standby line.

BRAND NEW Halloween Fun in California Adventure

Some very exciting Halloween-themed fun will be coming to California Adventure this year! Oogie Boogie will greet guests high above the main entrance to the park as they make their way through the main gates, a new Headless Horseman statue will be seen on Buena Vista Street, Radiator Springs will transform into “Radiator Screams” with decorations, Cars characters in costume and a Halloween overlay featuring new music for Luigi’s Rollicking Roadsters and Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree!


A photo we snapped of John Lasseter presenting a Halloween-themed Cars Land at the D23 Expo this weekend!

 Special Halloween Treats at Disneyland and DCA

Special Halloween treats will be available at the Candy Palace on Main Street, Pooh Corner in Critter Country, Trolley Treats on Buena Vista Street in California Adventure and Marceline’s Confectionery in Downtown Disney. We always love the different chocolate-covered Mickey-shaped rice krispy treats!




This ice cream bar from Clarabelle’s Hand Scooped Ice Cream in California Adventure is always a favorite year-round. The sprinkles they add on top during Halloween time and Christmas time are always festive for the season!

Mickey’s Halloween Party

Mickey’s Halloween Party is a really fun way to get into the spirit of Halloween! This year, the Halloween Party nights will start on Wednesday, September 20 and continue on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights in September and then Tuesday and Friday nights in October, ending October 31. Annual Passholders can purchase tickets starting July 17 and guests without an Annual Pass can purchase tickets starting July 24. Ticket prices range from $85.00-$120.00, depending on the night you choose and how soon you purchase your ticket. All ticket pricing information can be found by clicking here.


PLEASE NOTE: Disneyland will close early to guests WITHOUT a Halloween Party ticket – it closes at 6:00 PM on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and 7:00 PM on Friday. Main Street stays open ONE hour after those times for guests to wander the shops. If you have a park hopper ticket, you can head over to California Adventure for a few hours before it closes!

Mickey’s Halloween Party includes:

  • Trick-or-treating around the park (Cast Members hand out candy and some other healthy treats).
  • Pre-party in Toontown (great for young kids).
  • Enjoy almost all attractions around the park!
  • Photo locations with popular Disney Pals and legendary Disney Villains.
  • Frightfully Fun Parade – this will be the second year for this parade! Keep in mind, this could potentially be scary for some little ones. The music is upbeat, but the beginning of the parade includes an entrance from the headless horsemen. The parade also features Disney villains and spooky dancers. We always recommend watching on YouTube before deciding if it’s something you should watch with your kids.
  • Halloween Screams – a fireworks spectacular (weather permitting).
  • Entry into California Adventure 3 hours before the party starts (this is new) – once the party starts, guests with a Halloween Party ticket have to go over to Disneyland.

The separate event ticket allows guests access to Disneyland and California Adventure up to 3 hours before the party officially starts. Once the party starts, all guests will move over to Disneyland for an evening of fun! The great thing about this ticket is, if you purchase at the right time, it is a little cheaper than purchasing a regular admission park ticket and still gives you plenty of time in the parks! The ticket allows guests into Disneyland from 3:00 PM-11:00 PM on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and 4:00-midnight on Friday. As noted above, guests can also go into California Adventure THREE hours before the party starts, but once the party starts, all guests with a Halloween Party ticket will head over to Disneyland.

Costumes are encouraged, but be sure to read Disneyland’s costume guidelines thoroughly before choosing your or your child’s costume.


Since this is a special evening with lots of fun to be had, we usually don’t ride any attractions – we enjoy strolling around checking out the entertainment, characters, costumes and food! If you don’t go to Disneyland during the holidays often, then we would recommend trying to ride Haunted Mansion Holiday and Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy since they are only at the park for a limited time – both attractions offer Fast Pass, so we’d recommend reserving those if you can.

TOONTOWN PRE-PARTY – We always recommend families with young kiddos to check out the Pre-party in Toon Town. The pre-party starts ONE hour before the Halloween Party starts and lasts for 2 hours – it’s a great spot to gather up some goodies (typically 3 trick-or-treat stations) before heading into Disneyland to enjoy the rest of the park (Toontown will close after the 2 hour-long pre-party). There is special entertainment, Mickey and Minnie don cute Halloween costumes (see photos below), there is a Halloween photo spot and it’s just really fun for the little ones. The line for the pre-party starts forming usually about an hour before it officially starts. We recommend NOT waiting in that line unless you really want to see Mickey and Minnie – most of the people in line go straight to see them, and we’ve noticed over the past couple years that once the line starts moving, and people start dispersing, there won’t be any line to get in at party start time.

TRICK-OR-TREATING – If you’re wanting to trick-or-treat, keep in mind, some of the lines can be long or might look long, but a lot of times they move pretty quickly! We usually just stop at a couple trick-or-treat lines because again, we feel there are other fun things to do and see instead of spending all night collecting candy – ha!

PARADES AND FIREWORKS – In regards to the parade and fireworks, we recommend checking out our parade and fireworks viewing post for the best spots to watch both shows from. Getting a spot for the second parade is sometimes a little easier than the first parade of the evening, but we usually try for the first parade because we like to see fireworks right after (fireworks happen between the first and second parade of the evening). As we mentioned above, the parade can be spooky for some kids, so be sure to click the link for YouTube that we shared so you can watch before you decide if it’s something you should see!

GETTING A WRISTBAND – All guests require a wristband, so prepare for a separate Halloween Party line to form at the main gates if you’re attending the party – it usually goes pretty quickly, but as always, we recommend arriving early if you can (scroll up to review the info about when Halloween Party guests can arrive). If you have an Annual Pass and you happen to be inside the park before the party guests are allowed in, you do NOT have to go outside of the park to re-enter to get your Halloween Party wristband. There will be a station set up inside the park (usually at the Frontierland entrance) where you can just show your Halloween Party ticket and grab your wristband.

See below for some photos from last year’s party!


Mickey and Minnie’s costumes in Toontown are different than the costumes they wear on Main Street – just the CUTEST. If you’re wanting to snap a photo with these two, we recommend getting in line right when Toontown opens for the pre-party! Their line can get pretty long. IMG_6208


We attended Mickey’s Halloween Party two nights last year! Our first costume was Thor and what was supposed to be Thor’s “Bifrost Bridge” (the rainbow bridge he runs along to get to the Nine Realms of the Norse cosmos), but I really just looked like Thor’s #1 fan girl! Haha!


Julie was Nick Wilde, Lucie was Judy Hopps and Mack was baby Finnick! HAHA!


Captain Hook and his trusty sidekick, Smee. We really just died laughing the whole night every time we looked at Reagan’s chubby feet in those sandals.


The famous Halloween tree in Frontierland! It looks so pretty at night!


Extra decor and a Zero projection in New Orleans Square for the Halloween Party!


Meet Villains that aren’t typically out and about at the park! It can vary year by year, but we’ve seen the Queen of Hearts, Maleficent, Frollo from Hunchback of Notre Dame, Governor Ratcliffe from Pocahontas, and more! We aren’t exactly sure who will be making an appearance this year, but we will be sure to let everyone know when we do!

Frightfully Fun Parade

The Frightfully Fun Parade was a new addition to Mickey’s Halloween Party last year. We really enjoyed the show, but there are definitely some parts that could be scary for some kiddos! What we suggest doing is watching it on YouTube before deciding if your little ones would be okay seeing it.

The parade starts with the ride of the headless horseman down the entire parade route (its a small world to Main Street or the other direction depending on where the parade starts for the evening), which we really loved because we grew up watching The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, but we definitely could see how some kiddos wouldn’t like it! So again, we stress watching on YouTube before hand.

There are TWO parades during the Halloween Party nights. We prefer to watch the first parade of the evening and then watch the Halloween Screams Fireworks right after. We try to get a spot in front of the castle, next to the churro stand we talk about in our parade and fireworks viewing post.


Jack Skellington and Sally aboard a spooky float in the Frightfully Fun Parade! 


Fun projections on the Main Street buildings!


Halloween Screams Fireworks! Such a fun show!


One of our favorite things to see during Mickey’s Halloween Party is the Dapper Dans, renamed the “Cadaver Dans,” float along the Rivers of America serenading guests with spooky tunes! They are on the schedule a few times a night during the Halloween Party, so there are plenty of opportunities to see them!


Special Halloween-themed music can be heard up and down Main Street and fun images that go along with the music are projected onto the castle as guests stroll by! 

We’re so excited for all of this! If you made it to the bottom of this post, you deserve a high five…haha! We know this was a ton of information! Feel free to ask questions in the comment section. 🙂

26 thoughts on “Halloween at Disneyland 2017

    1. Did you figure out if you could purchase yet? I know last year you could but I can’t seem to find it online for this year


      1. Hi! So sorry for the delayed response – we included the link in our blog post to purchase tickets. Annual Passholders could purchase early, everyone else can purchase July 24!


  1. Do they still keep the Halloween decorations up after October 31st? What type of decorations, if any, are up through the beginning of November to thanksgiving? Thanks!


    1. Hi! There are sometimes a few Halloween decorations here and there, but majority will be down by Nov 1! It’s hard to say exactly what they will keep up. They start decorating form a Christmas soon after they take Halloween down, so you might even see Christmas stuff slowly going up if you happen to be there closer to the end of the first week or beginning of the second week of November.


  2. Is the difference in Park attendance during the Halloween Party pretty significant? Short lines for rides? Trying to see if it would be worth it 🙂


    1. Hi! Sorry for the late reply – so we prefer to go on the party nights that happen mid-week, like Wednesday! We feel it’s a little less busy on those days vs. Friday. We find that there definitely are less people, but once the parades and fireworks are close to starting, Main Street can get pretty busy because most people want to see those!


    1. The park closes early to guests without a Halloween party ticket. It closes at 6 or 7 depending on the night. During September, the party happens on Monday, Wednesday and Friday – on Monday and Wednesday, the park closes at 6 and on friday it closes at 7. During October, the party only falls on Tuesday and Friday – the park closes at 6 on Tuesday and 7 on friday! If you have a park hopper ticket, you can go over to California Adventure after Disneyland closes.


  3. What times do they typically do the frightfully fun parade and fireworks? I know it gets darker earlier that time of year so hoping they’re both a little earlier! Thanks!


  4. Hi! I was wondering if the Halloween parade and fireworks show are only for the Halloween party? Will they also run on regular nights during Halloween time? Thanks so much for all of the helpful info!


    1. Hi! Yes the Halloween parade and Halloween fireworks are special for the Halloween party guests. Unfortunately, they don’t happen on regular nights without the party. 😔


  5. Are the parades, firework, and fantasmic only for the party on during the week? Also are all the rides still open during the party and if so what are the lines like?


    1. The Halloween parade & Halloween fireworks are only for those going to the party – they ONLY happen on party nights, but there will be a day time parade (Soundsational) and Fantasmic for all guests on the days the party does not fall on! Majority of the rides are still open and the line just depends on how popular the attraction is! If it’s an attraction like haunted mansion or Space Mountain with a Halloween overlay, then people really want to get on those, but honestly, we don’t really do attractions during the Halloween party because there are lots of other fun things to do that aren’t at the park on regular evenings. We did ride Peter Pan last year before the first Halloween parade of the evening and the line wasn’t too bad, which says a lot because that line is usually crazy! 😆 hopefully that helps!


  6. Just to clarify, Disneyland is the only place for the Halloween Party? If I go to DCA on a Halloween party day, I can just buy a regular ticket and it’s open for the regular hours, correct?


    1. Yes, disneyland is the only place for the actually Halloween party, they’re just letting guests into California Adventure this year THREE hours before the party starts! If you just buy a regular ticket to Disneyland, the park will close early, but if you buy a regular ticket to DCA, you can stay regular hours!


  7. We plan on being at the park September 9, you said they may start decorating a couple days early, would you think there would be any decorations at that time? We’re actually trying to catch the “classic” Disneyland for our toddlers first trip, before Halloween decorations go up 🙂 thx for th info!


  8. You kind of answered this, but just wanted to clarify… the first party is Wednesday September 20th, so Disneyland will close af 6pm that day, California adventures will be open til 8, right? Thanks so much!!


    1. Hi! Yes that is correct! We don’t know exact hours for California Adventure that day, but it usually is 8 or 9 PM during “slow season,” so that sounds about right.


  9. It’s our first time to Disneyland. We will be there on a Halloween Party night. Would you trade a day at DLR for a Halloween party late afternoon/evening?


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