Happy Friday, Mamas!
Over the past two years, between IG comments, direct messages and emails, we’ve noticed a pattern of general (and sometimes comical) questions that we get over and over. We figured a FAQ list might be fun and possibly interesting and potentially uninteresting but hopefully helpful for you all – haha! So, here we go!
1. Do you go to Disneyland everyday?
Wouldn’t that be the life!? Ha! No, we don’t go everyday. We do have a normal life (kind of) outside of the Disney bubble – so, even though we post daily, its because we’ve gathered enough content to spread out over the course of a week. That said, we almost always go together, twice a week. Sometimes, between the two of us, whether together or separately, we’ll be there three times a week. In addition to the usual fun Disneyland stuff, we typically also have a “to do” list for each visit – detailing which photos to gather, new happenings to research, and so on.
2. Why did you start Magic Kingdom Mamas?
When Emily had Reagan, she and I lived about an hour and a half apart. Facetime for our kids wasn’t cutting it, so we wanted to find a place to meet halfway each week so the cousins could play and spend time creating special memories together. And what better place to meet than Disneyland?! We budgeted every penny to continue paying for our passes and it was and is worth it! Anyway, after a few months of regular visits, friends and family began asking so many questions about taking babies, park events, etc., that we decided to start an IG account to answer them.
3. How far do you live from the parks?
We both live within an hour of the park.
4. Are your kids in school?
We get this question a lot because the kids are so tall and look a lot older than they are! My oldest just turned 5, so she’s in TK a few days a week right now and will be in full-time Kinder coming this fall (so we’re soaking up all of our park-going freedom now!). The boys are both under 3 and haven’t started preschool yet. And the baby is 1 and will never ever never NEVER ever leave me. I dare him to try. In short, the kids are currently receiving the majority of their education on the streets of Disney.
5. How do you afford to go so often?
We budget like crazy. Thankfully, our MKM Supply Co shop sales help fund a portion of our visits now so that we can continue doing what we do! We have annual passes that include parking and allows us a discount on meals and merchandise. We pack a TON of food and snacks from home and we limit ourselves to one sit-down meal each visit. We also share meals whenever we can! Our littles are not immune to wanting all the souvenirs EVERY time! And because we go so often…sorry, NOPE. We find its helpful to throw handfuls of cars or legos or small toys from home in our diaper bags each visit and bring them out gradually throughout the day to curb all the “I want! I want! I want!’ Doesn’t always work, but when it does, we feel especially triumphant!
6. Why do you guys always wear hats?
HAHAHA! We get this question more than you would think. First of all, we’re both growing out our bangs…and oh my word. The struggle of in-between-length bangs. It’s seriously a thing. SO, hats were a good solution at first and they helped keep babies in wraps/carriers out of the sun and then we just started really enjoying wearing them! Now, when we show up wearing the exact same hat on the same day… “You change.” “No, you change.” “Whatever, let’s just be twins.”
7. Do your husbands love Disney as much as you?
In a word, no – but its probably unfair to compare their average-level-Disney-affection to our Disney-obsessed-sickness. Hah! They love spending time at Disneyland with us and the kids, but they’re also very happy cheering us on outside of the IG limelight. Honestly, neither of us even got into this to be “IN” the IG limelight…it has just kind of evolved that way! But, the fun of helping people plan their family vacations, and meeting some of the kindest folks ever through this account, has outweighed the awkwardness of knowing people are watching a little more closely to see how we handle when one of our kids smacks his cousin in the face, or lays across the tracks on Main Street refusing to walk (usually Julie’s middle one), or screams because he doesn’t want to wear pants (again, Julie’s middle one) and so on and so forth. Haha! Oh dear. That answer was a total digression from the original question…
8. Whose kids are whose?
We would love to take a poll to see who can guess. EVERYONE thinks Lucie is Emily’s. Nope. I just happen to give birth to Emily’s beautiful little twin (is that weird?)! I have Lucie (5), Samson (almost 3), and Mack (13 months). Emily has Reagan (2.5) and a dog-child named Buckley.
9. Do you or your kids ever get tired of Disneyland?
To be completely 100% honest, we’ve NEVER heard them say, “I don’t want to go to Disneyland today.” They truly love it (unsurprising)! Sometimes, they don’t like waiting when we’re stopping to take photos of things here and there, but we like to think they have an idea of how lucky they are to be there all the time. We do our best to remind them that their childhood is pretty darn amazing…even beyond Disneyland. They get to spend so much time together (even if they fight constantly) …cousins, siblings, lifelong friends. Doesn’t get any better!
10. How young were your kids when you first took them to Disneyland?
We took the youngest ones when they were just under a month. They slept happily in their Solly Baby Wraps the entire time. As long as they were in the wraps for the most part, we felt really comfortable having them at the parks at such a young age.
11. Did you go to Disneyland as often as you do now when you were growing up?
When we were growing up, we went once each year. We were so completely enthralled by the magic, that we went to ridiculous lengths to present our request to go. We used to put on full Disney-themed productions in our living room, with costume changes, choreographed dances, and designed sets. In our minds, it was the only logical way to convince our parents to take us each year…and it usually worked. Haha!
12. Do you get paid by Disney?
We do not get paid by Disney, but we honestly love what we do. Our shop helps us keep things going around here, and we’re so thankful for that (so THANK YOU to anyone who has ever placed an order!). We have such special memories from Disneyland as kids, and we feel so honored to be able to contribute, even in a small way, to a new generation of nostalgia and memory-making for Disney-going families.
13. Do Cast Members know you?
Haha, maybe a few. There is one early morning parking attendant who knows Emily, because she’s ALWAYS one the first cars in line when Mickey & Friends opens (the earliest early Disney bird ever)! And some of the Candy Palace ladies know us…not sure if that’s something to be proud of. #cavities
14. Have you ever been to Walt Disney World?
NO! Wah. But, we’re dying to go. Hopefully in 2018!
15. Do you know of any accounts or blogs for Walt Disney World?
While there aren’t accounts that are exactly like ours for WDW, we do love @thepixietraveler and @yoho_disney! They have GREAT content, really fun IG feeds, and lots of helpful information for anyone visiting Walt Disney World.
16. Where do you guys shop for Disney-inspired clothes?
Big Shops: The Gap, Cotton On Kids, Junk Food Clothing, Target, H&M
Small Shops: There are SO many great shops out there, but other than our shop (shameless plug!), some of our favorite Disney-inspired pieces have come from:  Little Peeps Closet, Wild Rich KidsBeepBoopBeep Clothing, Happiest Tees on Earth, and Lost Bros Trading Co. This is just a short list because there are so many! For non-Disney-but-oh-so-perfect basics for littles, we love Alice & AmesShop Plain Jane, and June & January.
17. Where do you get your overalls and jumpsuits?
This might seem like a strange question (ha!), but Emily gets asked this frequently, so we thought we’d share. She is the queen of finding deals at Asos, Madewell, and Gap – especially for all of their jumpsuits and overalls!
18. What is your favorite treat?
Emily loves the chocolate-covered Rice Krispie Treats, Mickey Beignets at the Mint Julep Bar, or the Matterhorn Macaroon in Jolly Holiday Bakery. I love (LOVE) the chocolate-dipped pineapple spear or the Dole Whip with a Tajin packet shaken on the top. Also, not a sweet treat, but the spicy pickle from any fresh fruit stand is just amazing.
19. What are your favorite shoes to wear to the parks? And for the kids?
We love our Vans. Always have. The Sk8-Hi Zips will forever be a favorite. We also love our New Balance 620s and 574s. For the kids in summertime, we LOVE Native Shoes, Saltwater Sandals, and for the whole year round, Vans (again, we’ll always be partial to the Sk8-Hi Zips).
20. If you could only go on one ride at both Disneyland / DCA, what would it be?
Emily: Big Thunder Mountain / Radiator Springs Racers
Julie: Splash Mountain / Soarin’ Around the World
Lucie: Big Thunder (this is recent! Used to be the Teacups) / Soarin’ Around the World
Samson: Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters / Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters
Reagan: Casey Junior Train / Golden Zephyr
Mack: Favorite “ride” is being toted along in his Ergo! He would happily watch Mickey’s Magical Map all the livelong day, though.
21. Who is older?
I (Julie) am the oldest, followed by Emily (middle child forever), and then our youngest sister Shelly lives in northern California. Shelly is our favorite person (our kids would agree) and has, therefore, been nominated as MKM club president in perpetuity. She can never be replaced over overthrown, even by a majority vote. Our lovable little MKM tyrant. A TOTAL gem, that one. We love you, Shell!
Well there you have it! Is there anything we missed? Any other questions you have? Let us know and we’ll do our best to answer!
Have a magical weekend, friends!
Julie & Emily


  1. Love these question and answers. I am a true Disney lover as well and have a two year old son. We currently have passes but worry about continuing them in the future. I want Disney to be as exciting as it was for me when I was little but I only went once a year. I remember not sleeping at all the night before! Do you ladies ever think that the magic won’t be the same for the kids since they go so frequently? I worry about it with my son. Just curious to get someone else’s insight.

    1. Such a good question…we totally wonder about that. So far, they seem to love it as much as we do – and it seems every bit as magical each time. We figure, we have a few years before they’re all in school five days a week (and they won’t be able to go as often)…so we’re kind of just packing in a bunch of Disney days while we still can, if that makes sense! We really hope the magic stays the same for them even as they get older! 🙂

  2. You guys are so cute!! That was an enjoyable and funny read. Can’t wait to meet you both some day soon:)

  3. You ladies are amazing! I don’t get to visit Disneyland near enough (every three years or so) but you two have truly made the wait bearable. My kiddos watch your post and stories religiously with me and Im so happy they are starting to love and appreciate Disney as much as I (and you) do *o* Thank you!!!

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