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Monday was definitely not our typical “lunch at Disneyland” experience! We were fortunate enough to be able to enjoy an afternoon at Club 33, Disneyland’s exclusive, members only club located in New Orleans Square (thank you to a sweet friend who allowed us in)! We loved everything about it, especially the fact that our meal lasted 3 hours long! It was also extra wonderful not having to stress out about high chairs and kids meals and our little ones bickering or complaining about their food – ha! It really was so nice to have a special date lunch with just our husbands!

If you’re curious to know how Club 33 came about, we’ve typed up the mini history lesson that what was printed on the inside of the menu.

“Years ago, Walt Disney felt that a special place was needed where he could entertain visiting dignitaries and others in a quiet, serene atmosphere where superb cuisine and distinctive decor would complement one another. He asked artist Dorothea Redmond to provide watercolor renderings of what such a place might look like. Accompanied by renowned decorator Emil Kuri, Walt and his wife traveled to New Orleans to select many of the beautiful antiques that are on display. After years of planning, Club 33 became a reality in May of 1967.

Club 33, so named after its address, 33 Royal Street, was renovated and expanded beyond its original vision in 2014. Returning to the original watercolor renderings and to handwritten notes from Walt, Imagineer Kim Irvine brought to live the grandeur and elegance that Walt originally imagined. Although its visionary never walked its floors, Club 33 is proud to celebrate 50 years of heritage and hospitality in his honor.”



We were just giddy all morning to get to ring the famous “33” doorbell! Completely happy fools over it. When we entered into the “Court of Angels,” we were greeted with a warm towel for our hands and spiced apple cider! So good and such a nice welcome!



The stairway that leads up to the main entrance to Club 33.


Club 33 serves a 4-course meal consisting of an appetizer to start, followed by a soup or salad, an entrée and a finale (aka the good stuff aka DESSERT)! There were a few items to choose from under each category which made it difficult to decide – everything sounded way too good! Before our first course arrived, we enjoyed some tasty beverages!


The prettiest menus! The watercolor painting is the “Court of Angels” which is the courtyard area guests step into first after ringing the door bell and entering the main door located on Royal Street.



Our husbands enjoyed a Stone Emperial IPA while we got fancy with a Mint Julep (it felt right being in New Orleans Square!) and a Moscow Mule. Both beverages were the REAL DEAL (and their full beverages menu was extensive and WOW)!


Appetizers (Course 1):


We love a good basket of bread! The detail on this basket made it extra special!


There were four items to choose from on the appetizer menu. We decided to all get something different so we could sample each one! Everything was just amazing. The crab cake was one of our favorites and the escargot was actually SO good (basically tasted like a mushroom)! More details about each delicious creation below.


Sautéed Escargot, Parsley Garlic Butter, Toasted Brioche


Wild Blue Crab Cake, Celery Root, Fennel Apple Slaw


Warm Marinated Forest Mushrooms, Butternut Squash Purée (we love the mermaid tail)!


“Lobster Rockefeller”, Crispy Oysters, Lemon Hollandaise

Salad and Soup – we got to choose one of the 2 options (Course 2):


Signature “Lafayette” Garden Salad, Shaved Radish, Cucumbers, Vinaigrette Maison


Club 33 Five Onion Soup, Brioche Croutons, Gruyere Cloud

Entrées (Course 3):

Since we all sampled off of each other’s plates (always, haha!), we all agreed that the beef rib was our favorite! It was the biggest portion and just so, SO good.


Filet Mignon, Roasted Mushrooms, Taleggio Cream, Poached Onion (both of our husbands ordered this)


Hearty Braised Beef Rib, Gnocchi alla Romana, Hearty Tomato Sauce


Mountain Lamb Pasta, Hand Crafted Tagliatelle, Preserved Lemon

Desserts (Course 4):

Our favorite dessert among the 3 options we tried was the warm apple galette. The flavors were something we will think about (and drool over) for years to come.


Warm Apple Galette, Candied Walnut Gelato


Manjari Chocolate Cake Bar, Caramel, Raspberry Coulis, Fresh Gooseberry (Has anyone ever had a gooseberry?! SO GOOD – sweet and sour)!


Finely Selected Cheeses (cheese is our love language!), Honey Hazelnut Roasted Pears, Thyme Madeleine

After dessert, we enjoyed a Cappuccino with a “33” on top and a super tasty biscotti. And look at those lumps of sugar! Taking our warm drink out to the balcony that overlooks New Orleans Square was one of our favorite parts of the day!


View from the dining area (notice the extremely long line for Pirates of the Caribbean…)!


The women’s restroom just HAD to be shared! Haha! Really though, every detail was incredible.

This sink and faucet! NEED!


Yes, we took a photo of the light fixture. It needed to be documented.

We loved this painting of a mama nursing her babe above the changing table!


Magical napkins to dry hands after washing. There’s something so wonderful about NOT waving your hand frantically in front of a paper towel sensor while trying to dry your kids’ dripping wet hands. Haha – so these were a treat!

Live-action Beauty and The Beast table


There is so much history behind a lot of the pieces of furniture in Club 33. We loved hearing about some of the decor that was hand-picked by Walt and Lillian! So special! One of the furniture pieces that stood out to us is this table that was used as a prop in the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast! There is usually a table from Mary Poppins that sits in this spot, but it’s currently being used on the set of “Mary Poppins Returns,” coming to theaters in 2018. We were fortunate enough to see the Mary Poppins table when we visited Club 33 in 2008!

Leaving our mark in the “I was here” book!


This beautiful mosaic at the upstairs main entry to Club 33 is a big photo spot (especially for a “foot selfie”)!


We couldn’t leave without getting a couple of souvenirs! We chose the things we know we’ll use the most – this mug and keychain! Also, is it just us or is that gift bag a souvenir, in and of itself?!


This experience was one we will never forget. We hope you enjoyed a look inside this legendary piece of Disney magic!

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  1. Omg reading this has brought tears to my eyes, oh how magical! Would love to put it on my bucket list but would be to sad because this is something that is soooo out of reach for myself or my family. So pleased you,l both got to experience this with your husbands. Thanks for sharing 😘 Mmmmm I will keep dreaming ❤😍 As always love watching all you do. Love from Australia xx

  2. Oh wow so incredible!!!! Thanks for sharing all the photos and descriptions as dream as I might I will never get to experience this for real. I had butterflies reading it and seeing all the pictures. Love it!

  3. Reading this made me so happy! I hope one day I will be able to experience this for myself. The Disney is in my soul and I want to try everything thing there?

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